Zooming without mousewheel


I’m new in, so far everything looks very promising, but I stumbled upon being forced to use a mouse (?). I am using a pen-tablet for over 12 years now and am used to zooming via “some extra key” (Ctrl, Alt, Shift…) + an emulated 3rd button (mousewheel click) on the pen, like inside Blender for example.

Any chance you could add similar (Blender-like) pen-tablet support?
I found no other control-settings except of switching between mouse and touchpad.


hi cream,

thanks for the input.

do i undestand it correctly:
you cant to press ctrl and then drag the pen up/down to zoom in or out ?

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Yes, same for me. I always used wacom tablets and I cant acces to a mouse wheel.

To ctrl + pen up/down desn’t work for me, in chrome at least.

Anyway, amazing software guys, congrats.

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Hi @pandur!

Sorry for the late answer. As @juanjobernabeu3d already stated: no. None of the possible combinations: pressing CTRL, SHIFT or ALT + any of the Pen-Buttons + moving (hovering pen) or + moving pen with tip on tablet, none of it works, no scaling.