Working with lots of video tetures

Hi, i want to create a showroom for my “video-art” in cables, i tried to use unreal engine, but then i stumbled upon, which seems fantastic and suits my workflow much better, but would it be possible to stream video files from a server or any free video hosting sites like vimeo as a texture or how would i go about to use lots and sometimes quite long video textures? i guess the loading time for the project would be way to long if i just add them like normal in the project?

Hi Mah,
We doubt that this is possible as these sites want you to come to their page to watch the content.
I’d check if they have an API which exposes some video streaming.

about the streaming: cables uses html video element. it does some prebuffering but it mainly tries to stream the files while playing, so it does NOT load the whole video into the ram.

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