Wordpress integration with Plugin

Hi there, i have some problems with the integration to Wordpress.
I use the Movedo theme and it seems the plugin doesn´t work right. I just get a empty page when i load a patch on a site.
Are there any other ways to embed it? Or does anyone have the same issue?


could you describe your problem a bit more? are there any errors in the dev-console?
any php errors? do you maybe have a link to the page that is empty?


thanks for the answer.
unfortunately i can’t send a link here bc there is a pw in front of the page. can i send you a dm somewhere?
i don’t know if there a any errors in the dev-console or php errors, where could i see them?

the problem i have is, i used the plugin and tried to implement a patch on a standard page, or the homepage in this case.
i think i tried all options in the plugin, but the patch doesn’t show up on my page.
i just updated the plug in an the page looks fine, but without the patch.
on the screenshots 1, 2 and 3 there are the feature area, or header, and the first section.
on screenshot 4, 5 and 6 i tried a custom integration with plain html and page looks like this.
sorry for the bad explanation of the problem… hope the screenshot help and make it little more clear.
thanks for the help!!

i can just put one image here per post (for now), so sorry for the spam :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


this might be loading your patch into header, background, footer AND custom integration afaict. try to use only your shortcode. then again i have no idea about how “WPBakery”
works and everything might be completely different.

you can DM me on discord (steam) if you like.


ok, yes i tried everything. also just custom. this was just the state when i took the screenshot