Wireframe Material does not work on mobile

As the title says. Tried on Iphone6, chrome and safari, i just get a black screen in both browsers (i have a inverted sphere, with covers the whole scene/background). replacing the wireframe material with a basic one renders correctly, so i assume its the wireframe mat, which causes the problem.

also, the console log is flooded with “unindex”, when using wireframe material

Hi Artur, could you post a patch with an isolated version of the problem ?


Hi Artur,
thanks for reporting the bug. This is something that’s not gonna be fixed in the near future due to us having to rewrite the entire op, this is a huge amount of work as this kind of material is quite complex.

Thanks for investigating! It was just one thing i encountered while sketching an idea for a client, so i wont be using it in production anyway.

but i think it would be helpful to mark the op somehow, like you do for deprecated ops. maybe use another color, but something like"use with caution" and add an entry to the documentation, that the op does not work on mobile (yet). Its just, i can imagine seeing someone trying to fix his patch, wasting hours wondering why it wont work on mobile, but does not have the luxury to use another material, because of something the client wants etc. i think that would help preventing moments of frustrations because new comers dont know the quirks of each op yet.

Sure thing Artur, I’ve added this information to the notes section for the op.

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I’d also like to point out that cables users can edit and update the docs to an op so if you encounter something like this then please feel free to add it to the notes section of the op documentation.

ah ok, that was news to me, did not know that! will add stuff like that then myself in the future

Awesome sauce, much appreciated.