Whats the best way to cycle through videos and images?

I’ve got 4 videos and some stills that I’d like to cycle through.

I’ve used a setup like the image attached (basically an incrementor and texture array), but I think it’s playing all the videos at the same time even though only one is visible, is there a way to optimise it so it only plays the selected video when called?

I’m also viewing this on mobile and wondering why I can’t hear any sound?

Help or direction appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi KeepItVisual,

Could you post your patch ?


you have to control the play parameter of your videos by yourself.

i would probably use only one videotexture but switch the filenames. then you are sure only one video is loaded and playing.

sound can nowadays only be started using a user interaction.
probably your browser is now set to always play on cables.gl / test this on a desktop using private mode.

Thanks for taking the time to help, It’s much appreciated. I’ll keep playing :slight_smile: