What pictures to feed CubeMapFromTextures? - SOLVED

I noticed some patches using the CubeMapFromTextures. I want to use my own generated cubemap in a patch (so that my patch is “inside my bedroom”).
I noticed the pictures resemble the six sides of a cube (makes sense), but are there any specific “rules” for these pictures? Should there be a set % of overlay between the pictures? Do they need to be a square or a rectangle? Should they be taken with the same light settings? Should I use a tripod?


no, there should not be any overlap between the images.

You can also use equirectangular images with every op, which is much easier to produce, e.g. with photoshop. Also most 360 cameras output this by default.

There are some in the File Library, try them,. like this one: https://sandbox.cables.gl/assets/library/ibl/undev_equi.jpg