WebVR/WebXR implementation - NO LONGER SUPPORTED

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Hi Sir,

I’ve been enjoying your program which is really cool.

And I am teaching your program in my course now. There is a need from me and my student who want to turn our 3D environment into VR so to use at least Google cardboard to view it. I know you’ve developed such a Ops before which is not working now, and I really hope that you can bring this back alive. It would extremely helpful.

Thanks again for this amazing tool.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.



Hi there,
We have no plans to support the development of WebVR/WebXR due to the framework changes.

Hi Andro. Im in similar situation of archgary, currently im studing vr web art in my master degree. Im really not an coder, but i can spend some time trying to develop this (also just need the basic cardboard thing). Do you think its possible to an user make this, or its need some developer acess to the cables api or to add libs?