Webcam Texture facingmode -SOLVED

Hi, is it possible to implement an option for the facingmode to the Webcam Texture.
JS allows to do that via MediaTrackConstraints and let you choose between “environment” (rear camera), “user” (front camera) also left and right.
I’m pretty new to cables, maybe I can afford that by myself, but I don’t now where to start that.
Thanks so far


if you want to get started coding your own ops, maybe this is a good resource:

you can simply copy the webcam op-code and then tweak it to whatever you want.


hi stephan, thanks, that worked!

after the next update there will be a facing mode selection for the webcam. also it will work on ios!

sounds great! I’m currently looking for a solution to make it work on ios. did you make it work already?

yes. but i can not apply a quickfix on live system, please wait for the update, hopefully next weekl

perfect, it works pretty well. thank you!