Webcam Texture compatibility issue with Safari

I’m working on a patch that makes use of the webcam texture, however, after sending it to some different people for testing I learned that the Webcam Texture op doesn’t work with Safari. It displays “INSTANCE_ERR” and shows a black screen when I view the basic example. I was able to test with Safari version 13.0.5 myself, though can’t speak to the other versions it didn’t work with.

I read that some operators aren’t compatible with Safari (specifically ones that use webGL2), though am not sure what the workaround for the Webcam Texture would be, and I’m not savvy enough with webGL to route out the issue myself.

Is this something that can be patched? Are there any known workarounds? I would love for the release of the interactive I’m working on to be as accessible as possible, though knowing if there are hard browser limitations for webcam input would also be good information for future development.