WebAudio Operators not available?


I noticed there are some ops for WebAudio and Tone.js stuff but many of the operators don’t seem to be loading onto the node editor. Some stuff work but most aren’t. It is odd because I am checking out the below demo and those operators I want to use seem to be availble on there but I can’t seem to load them onto my project:


Any help with this? If Tone.js isn’t available is there some way I can bring in my Tone.js code into cables so I can do some real time music experiments?


the tone.js ops are not really developed further right now.

BUT you can absolutly code your own tone.js stuff:
when selecting your op, in the right code tab you can select libraries which will be loaded for your op. so you can select tone.js

see this screenshot:

Excellent! Thank you so much :smiley: