Video export in sync with DAW - SOLVED

Hello, I want to make a video for a music piece. My patch is controlled by midi CCs from my DAW (Ableton). When I hit play button in ableton, everything is moving/changing nice in cables, but I don’t know how to render the result and how to make render from the moment, when I hit “play” in DAW.

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Hi Digitalmoss,

Cables currently doesn’t support real time recording to make videos.
We do have the renderanim op which will render all the frames of a defined length of time. This won’t work in your case though.
I’d strongly recommend getting to grips with OBS studio. This program can also capture HD video at 60+fps. It’s a little work to set up but you can either capture full screen or a part of the monitor.

Can Cable sync with MIDI?

Totally, heres a few short midi tutorials to get you started.

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Loved this tutorial!!! Tks!
Want more… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the tutorial! I cannot find “Midi button” and “Midi toggle” any more. What are new names for them? Sorry I remember there is a way to find the new names of the ops but I don’t know any more.

Hi there,
So to find a new op name (a very handy skill to learn!)
Just scroll to the bottom of a page on cables and click changelog
Then press ctrl+f (to search the page) and type in the old name of the op.
This should give you the old op name and the new one.

For midi toggle and midi button use the MidiNote op and set the mode to toggle.
If you have any more questions just post them on the forum.

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