Video export from cables

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Please make video export with some options, like screen resolution & 50/60hz.

use the op RenderAnim to render a sequence of images, which you then can combint to a video

creating big videos directly is not possible in the browser


Hi Adam,
In the meantime I’d suggest using OBS studio, this allows very high quality captures of the content you create in Cables.
I use this all the time to make our video tutorials and it works like a charm + it also captures audio.

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Yes, I know about capturing, but if I will make “heavy” project, I can’t run it on my old iMac with normal fps… It will be great function. Some kind of final rendering.

Hi Adam,
I’ll be making a tutorial about rendering an animation in the near future.
In the meantime it should be possible to achieve what you want

1 - Go to site settings and make sure that automatic downloads is enabled

2 - also make sure that this is disabled

3 - Make sure that fileformat is set to png, define your start and end time (just do 2 to 3 seconds to test)
Hit render to download all the frames at once.

4- Check the renderanim docs, you can use either FFMPEG to make a video out of the frames, or use blender3d and use the add image sequence option, then render to a video.

If you have any more questions just post them here.


You should be able to use Fraps it a video capture for gamers, it extremely fast capture particularly with Gl windows. IF you use a PC there is also DXtory will capture DX and GL.

fraps does not work on windows 10 iirc

Yes I guess fraps is getting in a little older, it does work in Win10 but only for specific applications, I’ve been recording stuff out of Magic Music Visualizer so it works for me just fine. There is also Excode DXtory definitely in the top five fastest Ive ever used, I myself are ready to go with a hardware solution like Elgato it’s a beast.

Google has what seems to be a extension for Chrome, screencastify, I never used it but it should do the trick if your hardware is fast enough:

Usually with Google extensions there is always a privacy catch, so keep that mind people. Good luck guys.

Hows this coming along then? :wink: I’ve been playing around with renderanim and have managed to download a sequence of images. One thing that I’ve noticed is the view/scale is always slightly off. Is there a something with force aspect ratio or force canvas/viewport size that could help with this?
I’d love to know your process @andro @pandur


Hi KeepItVisual,
View scale is off?
It could be a unique case depending on your patch. Could you post a stripped down version showing us the problem?