VertexDisplacementMap_v2 'too many textures bound' SOLVED

Hi All,
Just discovered a new bug with the newest version of the VertexDisplacementMap op when used with used with PointMaterial texture.
In the console, you can see an endless stream of ‘[shader._bindTextures] too many textures bound 5310/16

Even though this appears to work (only on desktop, breaks on iOS), it does rev up the fans quite a lot.

thank you for reporting!

we made some internal changes and pointmaterial was still the wrong version.
the newest pointmaterial works again!

i edited your patch

thanks pandur!
the new PointMaterial op looks more crisp/better. I see that the ColorizeTexture toggle was removed and that there’s a new Texture Colorize port, can you go over the new options / differences in this V2 op?

love using cables!