VertexDisplacement Error in console

Hi! I am currently debugging a patch that has some performance issues on the clients computer. Trying to get to the bottom of that, I saw that the vertexDisplacement Op prints an error in the console. Not sure, if this is the culprit, but I managed to reproduce the error here: the patch itself seems to work, so not sure if the error in the console is causing my performance issue, the original patch is quite more complex. Steps to reproduce are inside the patch.

Screenshot 2021-11-02 at 14.59.40

if you reorder like this the error is gone.
this way the two texture are generated BEFORE they are used with vertex displacement.

(BUT YEAH, i agree, cables should handle that case and wait until the texture is fine… not just do it wrongly)

oh wow, could have sworn that this was the first thing I checked… But yeah, the error is now gone, thank you very much for the quick anwser!