Variable management - KIND OF SOLVED

Well first off, the addition of variables is making my life a whole lot easier with this project I’m working on (thanks for that!)

I was wondering if maybe there was a way to implement a bit more variable management in the future. Say, ordering and deleting variables, since we can see them all in a completely separate menu. Just seems odd that we can get, set, and view variables, but not reorder or delete as well.

Unless I completely missed this, of course. Then just let me know lol

Hi there,
We’ve been adding some improvements to filtering variables and sorting them into alphabetical order. So this should be rolled out in the next update.
Thanks for the feedback

regarding variable management, how do i delete a variable ? i can see them in the inspector but no trash icon or similar …

there isn’t a way to do that yet, as far as i’ve been able to tell. it’s another thing with cables i’m pretty sure they’re working on, along with hopefully better timeline support.

Hi there,
So right now we don’t allow you to manually delete a variable.
If you save and reload a patch then any unused variables are removed.

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thanks, i just realized it works like that. regard this question as solved