Using Teachable Machine

Hiya, I’m trying to see how easy it would be to make a custom OP for Teachable Machines:

Thing I’m kind of running in to from the start is the lack of CDN import. Does anyone have another method for including libraries?


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Hi Mick,
Libraries have to be added manually by the undev team.
I’ll put this forward and see if it might be possible to add it in the future.



Hi Andro,

Thanks for the quick reply! Having a simple way to include ML would be amazing, we’re hoping to bring cables back to Hyper Island this year if we can make it fit for the workshops we’ve got in mind :slight_smile:

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Seconding this but for Three/Aframe/AR.js

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Third for both ML and Three/Aframe/AR.js!!!

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And tracking.js :smiley:

(on second thought… maybe a tracking solution that is properly maintained)


we have been looking into ar.js and it is heavily dependent on threejs or aframe doing the rendering. so this will conflict with cables and be shitloads of work to integrate…i really like the library though and we hope to eventually find some time or have the ar.js guys abstract the rendering part out of their library…

on the “teachable machine” thing. i actually do not quite get how it works. is it “just” using this library on your website?

this then would mean we could integrate this library and you then could code ops using it…is that what you are asking for?


@stephan Jonas is part of the AR.js dev crew, he’ll try and nudge them :wink:

On the ML side

instead of teachable machine maybe it would be worth going for ml5js
There are tons of stuff to play with there.

It could also be worth developing examples for runwayml :
There is not much to do library wise since we can use http calls to exchange data or images with it. I already have put an example with the help of stephan for the custom nodes :

but also thumbs up for some ar /xr !