Using repeat for div, divelement

Hello! Is there any way to make the div and divelement nodes compatible with repeat loops?

It would be very powerful to be able to spread divelements across the canvas using array data, each with different content.

Using a Repeat node going into a StringCompose with eg. margin-left:$apx;margin-top:$bpx; would be an ideal way to do this; or, are there already possibilities for this functionality?

yes, this is a thing we are working on., the goal is, that you can have “invisible” instances of an op, a repeat with 20 div elements organizes really 20 instances of the div op in the background and switches it by index.

check this out: maybe this is what you want:
this needs some tweaking and a class parameter, and so on. if you find this usefull, tell me!

oh yes, i would love this too. the link isn’t working unfortunately.

thing is, i have like 20 div elements and have to repeat all the nodes again and again eg. ElementFadeInOut. it looks kinda bloated. i would love to see the trick regarding repeat


if you look at something long enough, a solution might present itself :slight_smile:
this way the repeat works with the div element. next step would be a special array div element node i guess. i’ll look into that