Using microphone input - SOLVED

I’m trying to use my laptop microphone input in my patch with this op:

And whever i try to connect to a multinIn op, the multiIn op suddenly disappears?

i;ve looked at this patch over here which supposedly uses mic input but its not working for me:

I get this error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘createMediaStreamSource’ of null

Any other patches out there that i can look at and understand how to use mic input?


Hi rebel9,
Thanks for the report we’ll look into it as soon as possible.


thanks. browser vendors changed some things.

i added a trigger input to initialize, audio needs to be started with a user interaction now:

it does not work in firefox, but i can’t figure out why right now.

hope that helps


don’t know if it’s still relevant. Tried your patch in firefox and I didn’t work at first. Then made a clone and the patch is working fine with the mic. (windows 10 + firefox)
That’s great!

Is it possible somwhow to stream the current audio-stream of the operating system into the microphoneIn - node? Or any other ways to audio-analyse the OS audio? So far I just sow solutions to load (or stream) urls.