Using in my university class

I’d like to use in my university class, which is on Modeling (of everything…from
geometry to dynamics). How is best to do this:

  • Have each student request a separate “invite” ?
  • Use one authentication username for the entire class?

Thanks. I’ve used NodeBox in the past and Max/Msp. Nodebox is a bit limited (2D geometry) and Max is very cool but too complicated for most students in the long term–they spend too much time understanding enough objects to make patches. Grasshopper/Rhino is also good but suffers some of the same issues as Max–lots of objects to use and it costs $$.

Hi metaphorz

that sounds great!

you can send me a list of emails to tom at undev dot de

where is your university ?
if you need any help or support ask us. and let us hear how it went!

I will do that as soon as the class size stabilizes which should be tonight’s class. The university
is the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

I am sending the student list now

Some additional information.

I wanted the students (who are mostly computer science students) to explore
data flow processing/programming. Very few have had that experience. For this
assignment, it was mainly using NodeBox3 (which does 2D)., however,
has much more potential since it has support for 3D geometry, GPU-powered WebGL
and so forth. A subset of the students willing to go for the bonus will use

I had a project where students (with the help of Tom!!) put in 3 projects related to I thought I’d relay the experiences I have had so far.

Students gave me ZIP files. The ZIP file, when uncompressed, yielded this file structure:

[js] folder
[assets] folder (for one student team).

I tried launching the html file. Two issues:

(1) Works well with Firefox 66.0.2. Just drag and drop the index.html file into the browser
With Chrome I get a permissions problem when trying to drag and drop: “The file you are
trying to upload is not authorized”. With Safari, I get a black screen with “Made with Cables” on
the lower right.

(2) Even within Firefox, there does not appear to be an option to view the patch (cables). Can that
be fixed? So, I am unable to view the patches of the students. They did however, put in screen
shots in their slides.


Some more digging onsite showed the browser issue and the need to start a local server on 8080. So did that using http-server. That solved the issue with Chrome; however, not being able to locally edit the patch is problematic.

without using a server, you can do this instead.

quit chrome if its already running.

if youre on a mac:
open terminal
open -a “Google Chrome” --args --allow-file-access-from-files;

on windows:
open cmd,
chrome/app/directory/location/here --allow-file-access-from-files

Thanks! This is a quick approach.