Using cable patches in VDMX?

to whom it may concern, if im to search for a way to export cables creation into programs like VDMX for audio reactive/ midi controllable visual patches, would you mind showing me the way to such tutorial/ article? many thanks in advance

Hi Shelfindex,

There is no way to be able to “export” a cables patch to work into VDMX.
I did see that it can play “HTML” media types. If that’s the case then maybe it is possible to export a cables patch into an offline web page on your local computer.
I’d advise you to research the HTML part and get back to us with any of your findings.

There is a way using NDI video stream. Within the free tools from newtek you will find „Scan Converter“. It can capture any image from your screen and reroute it into other applications (vdmx, resolume, madmapper …).
Here is a tutorial for vdmx with link to the newtek tools:

But you will need to keep the patch visible and running. Additional monitor(s) can help.
Hope that helps

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