Using an array of video textures - SOLVED


I would like to use an array of videos as textures. I have a project where I am sending user recorded video into an embedded cables sketch. Then using ArrayIterator to go over each of the videos that are sent in. Currently I can only get it to repeat the last video that I took, so it shows a cube for every video but the same video. What I want is for it to different display each video on each cube. Is there something else special I need to do to iterate over the textures?

Embedded sketch: https://5dba56c9f35fbc871bdd10c5–
click start to record with your webcam and stop if you want to record less than 5 seconds.

Active sketch:

Hope this was clear enough, thanks!

you will have to use 5 videotexture ops,
warning: this will get very slow. maybe combine them all into one video