Username change

Hello. I’m looking to change my username is its currently linked to an organization im no longer part of. In the settings i was able to change my email but couldnt find any way to rename my username. Let me know if this is possible, publicly, or privately.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Rebel9,
It’s currently not possible but we’d love to help out.
We need to know 2 things

  • Do you have any custom user ops?
  • What will your new username be?

Hi Andro,

to answer your questions,

1- i dont have any custom ops
2- i would like to have ‘fariskassim’ as my new username.

Many thanks!

ah and also, i couldnt change my email in this forum. so currently its sending notifications to my old email. if i could change it to ‘’, that would be great!

the email should update after you logout of this forum and login again

congratulations, you are officially rename!

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