User operators got overwritten when using multiple browsers/clients

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I’m frequently switching between two different computers for work. This post only applies to custom operators, not to the patch itself.

Firstly, any custom operators made on my first laptop were not appearing on the second (although patch was saved properly). When opening the patch on the second laptop, the custom operators were removed from the patch alltogether (throwing a CableFail error and breaking links). When I then re-created the operators on the second laptop and re-linked the patch, saved, finished work, closed the browser and re-opened cables on the first laptop again (cables was closed); the initial operators re-appeared and my recreated ops were completely gone.

This only happens with custom ops, not with the patch itself. It looks as if the ops were somehow locally cached (across browser sessions) and are saved immediately again when opening the patch, thereby overwriting any existing version of the ops on the server with the local outdated version regardless whether there exists a recent version or not. Still can’t figure out why my ops initially disappeared though.

The custom operators I wrote for other patches appear on all my patches, but they only appear on the laptop I wrote all these patches on. When inspecting webtraffic, it indeed seems that all custom operators are sourced from a single file linked to my account, not to the patch. This is fine, but it seems the file gets indavertenly overwritten or is heavily cached or something like that.

Do you guys have any tips?