Unable to change mode of the Array op

Hi, I’m just learning how to use cables and am following along with this tutorial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mewkEsf3JTE
and am stuck at the point where you create a normalized Array. So far I’ve been unable to change it out of the number mode. The mode select has no effect. Wondering if this is a bug or there’s something I’m doing wrong/a subsequent update in how the op works.
Otherwise been having a good time learning how to use cables. Thanks

EDIT: seems to work fine in firefox but not in chrome.

  • Bjorn

Hi Bharison,
Have you tried clicking the inspect icon of the array op?
The op and mode select works fine for me.
Could you post an example patch with the problem?

We went through an update and the first port is now the mode select. Not the amount of values in the array.