Ui / Sidebar with separate panels for real-time control in performance

Hi Cables,

Thanks for developing this amazing tool! Really enjoying it.

Recently, I am considering using your cables.gl to do a visual/audio effect for several dance pieces.
And I used to use Processing, openFrameworks vvvv to make some real-time adjustment or switching between scenes during the performance. Therefore, would it be possible to have a separate panel for only the controller, such as the sidebar function, so to make real-time changes with cables? Basically, I don’t want the audience to notice that I am moving the siders or pressing the button for the effect in the show. Or I will always have to attach/hook up to an external device, such as midi controller, gamepad, to solve this problem. Of course, if you have any other solution through the browser I would love to know. I really want to use the cables for my next projects if this can somehow to be solved.

Hope the question is clear to you. Look forward to the reply.
And I appreciate your answer in advance.


Hi Archgary,
Could you post a picture of how you’d imagine this would look?
You could make a OSC setup inside of one cables patch and then send this to the cables patch with the visuals to try it out.

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Hi Andro,

Thanks for reaching out to me! I don’t have a solid diagram, but I will try my best to explain.
Basically, imagine you want to project your result through a projector (which is your final result), but you still want to have some control with your graphic, like playing a VJ thing here.

OSC with an external device is what I can see the way to go now, but just wondering would it be possible to have it as this:

Like the upper part of this image, I have one window that I can still operate the script, and another window send to the projector as a display.(One output screen for render and screen for manipulating.)

The bottom part of the image is what I did with openFramework, to have separate windows for control and render result:

Or you might get the idea from this vvvv tutorial:

Hope this is kind of clear now. Sorry about this lousy question.
If there is no certain function for this, I will just consider having an external device via OSC within this idea. (It would be really nice to have this kind of feature from my point of view, but probably it is not easy with the browser settings).

Thanks a lot for taking your time and efforts to answer the question. I appreciate it and look forward to your answer.


Hi Andro,

Sorry that I didn’t read your suggestion clearly. I thought the OSC solution you gave is to just use such as touchOSC(which is still a solution) as an external communication device. However, I just re-read it once again, and figure out that you proposed an very interesting solution that I’ve never thought of. Might give it a try first!

Once again, appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if you have other thoughts for the solution!


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