Typography related project, like the stuff from dia studio

I would be interested in how to achieve smooth typography focused visuals, like they do at https://www.instagram.com/dia_studio/

particularly, somehting like this:

or this

Would that be possible in cables?
cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Artur, thanks for sharing these with us. We’ll get back on this at a later date !

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just a try to recreate the video reference. Some ideas to start it. :slight_smile:


Hi Mutante,. I noticed that your patch is set to private so no one can view it.

Hi Andro! Sorry here is the link

@mutante: nice way of thinking :slight_smile:

i tried this. it is using splinemesh and maps a texture on it:

even though the texture is quite hires you see pixels easily.
probably the best thing would be to deform a mesh along a spline somehow.


Most likely, this type stuff is either done in processing or Glsl. In the case of processing it’s an image manipulate technique on CPU and in the case of GLSL it’s most likely an SDF glyph image being sampled. In both cases, the idea is to take a sampled piece of text and deform it

Do you have any solutions for this request so far? I am fairly new to cables but already really like it. I also wanted to move a text along a helix spline but cannot figure out how this works… so any tipps and tricks are welcome!