Trying to reproduce this


new user here. I’m still going thru some of the tutorials. But thought it’d learn new things by trying to reproduce cool stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

so … here’s what i’m trying to make :

The link to my current patch :

Hi Zark,
Looks like you almost pulled it off :slight_smile:
So I took a quick look.
Try getting the output of the repeat op - 0-10
Add this to a map range op and remap the opacity to 0 -1 or 0.25 to 1.
This way you have exact control over the opacity/alpha setting

My Main issue at the moment, is the Position .
If you look at my patch, you’ll see that the whole block is moving and disappearing. Then once it’s all gone, a new one comes in.

Each rect should come back at the initial position after it disappeared … i think i tackled the problem wrong and have to start over