Timeline documentation

Is there a documentation for working with Timeline and keys? I didn’t find any, sorry if i missed something.

Ok, I did some investigation and discovered how to add and manage keyframes, but it will be still useful to have a documentation about this :slight_smile: Because it’s still unclear how to add easing between keyframes, and how to deal with loops in timeline, i mean, there’s undocumented b/n buttons to set start and end of the loop, but i don’t know hot to clear or remove this loop.

Hi sq1,
Thanks for the feedback, the timeline is something that’s still pretty much WIP. We’ll see when we can get round to making some documentation and a tutorial video to make things easier to understand.

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please tell the fool how to add and edit keyframes??

You definitely should watch this video: https://youtu.be/84pXsmJghdM?t=1289 - at least the beginning, where all the details about keyframes are explained.
But, tbh, you must watch the whole video because it’s just great :slight_smile:

Thank you!)

Just because i keep forgetting it myself, and it not being in the “keyboards shortcut list” either, here´s how to access the easing/interpolation-menu:
-left-click the timeline
-press ctrl+a
to close the menu again i have to left-click the timeline 1-5 times…random each time! :wink: