The best way to auto reset SimpleAnim after it finishes

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SimpleAnim has a Loop input, which loops animation back and forth. But is there any good way to loop it without back and forth? I mean, when SimpleAnim is finished, how to make it auto reset properly?

Let’s say, i want to make an infinite rotation from 0 to 360 and on. I make SimpleAnim from 0 to 360, and after it reaches 360, i need to reset it back to 0 again.

What’s the best way to do it?

Hi sq1,

don’t know if it’s the best way, as I’m also not that experienced with cables.
I used a Timer2 with a Modulo as basis. Then I use a MapRange to get the Modulo output into the Angle.
Here is a quick example patch I made:

Cheers, dino

Hi dino!

Thank you for the solution! I’ve just made another example of this, using SimpleAnim and IfTrueThen: Maybe somebody will find it useful too.

Great work guys !