TextureArray Assets not exported correctly

i use the texturearrayloader, when i export and leave “export assets” in automatic mode, it ignores the texturearray images. would be nice if the texturearrayloader search is included in the export.

if i turn on “export all assets” it throws an error regarding the wildcard path.

aaaaaaand while at it, is there a way to reference an absolute URL for the texturearrayloaderfromarray (nice name :slight_smile: ) ? i tried that and failed.

having folders might solve the problem a little bit. if we have a textureArrayLoaderFromFolder and select a subfolder from the assets. Or maybe this might feel a little bit more polished, rather than having the wildcard path and the cluttered assets view. (which btw. gets really slow when having 75 thumbnail views, list view works better)

no complaining here ! i’m grateful for textureArrayLoader ops, just things i found out.