Texture loading

Bit of a difficult one to describe,
If you decrement and go back through the videos I encounter a point where the texture isn’t quite resetting and it’s reprinting over something which I’d expect to have disappeared.

Here’s the situation, the phone in the background shouldn’t be there anymore.
I also get a red dot next to highlighted texture op.

when I highlight the url it opens up fine

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks, M

  1. the server does not allow files to be accesses from our server
  2. this file is a json file, not a texture

there is currently an instagram op in development, which allows to access instagram images and data, maybe this will help in a few weeks…

it is the same problem mentioned here: https://cables.gl/docs/4_export_embed/cors/cors

Exited to see this new op :wink: