Texture array question repeat 2d - SOLVED

I have a [repeat2d] op generating a row of cubes and I’d like a different image on each one.
How come when I connect the [arraygetobject] op only one cube appears, with the index from the [repeat2d] op plugged in I was expecting to have each image in my texture array mapped on each cube.

Any advice how I could go about doing this? :slight_smile:

Hi there,
please post a patch showing your progress.

Sorry I thought I did :wink: Here it is,

Any ideas?

Is this a bug maybe?


it is the way the objects work in cables, they can be null when chaning between them. so the material was recompiling (to not use textures at all…)

so in the next release there will be filter methogs for this, so you always get only valid objects out of arrayGetObject.

also i just wrote ArrayGetTexture which does the same in a more convinient way. i changed your patch to use it


Thank you @pandur arraygettexture great! I’ve been missing this.