Tablet support (iOS / android / touch)

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I have found that I gravitate towards using my iPad Pro for development these days, And in general mobile platforms are becoming even more ubiquitous for browsing / creating than desktops. Thus far in my experience, mobile support in javascript primarily requires the simple addition of touch alongside the mouse interactivity.

i can post a codepen example or some relevant js info if that would be helpful?

to clarify, i mean with the patching environment. the content works great, and it would involve the addition of maybe a handfull of touch interface gestures. slider / pinch zoom / and drag and drop for wires and screen partitioning.

i could post some linkes to js widget code that works in here.

i would gladly help impliment this, especially if I am standing alone as a minority in this desire.

Yes, feel free to post some links and what currently is not working well.

cool, I gathered some useful links the other day and I will put them here in a moment. I also took a video screengrab with mic voiceover explaining what works and what doesn’t. I will put that in my dropbox and share.

I hadn’t forgotten about this, I have been sorting through a few options and codepen tests, and learning a bit of how to integrate touch alongside mouse interaction in order to isolate the most useful things rather than post 20 links for you to sort through. It might help me to help you better if I knew a bit more about the cables codebase, are you using any libraries for the interaction / UI that would be relevant to this?

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Wanted to say that I agree that there should be some sort of tablet/mobile version… I think this type of node based programing makes so much sense to bring creative coding to touch devices where actual coding is a pain!

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I’m upping this request!
I’m new to cables, and tried to use the editor on my ipad (from Firefox and chrome), and i couldn’t access the ops editing from the touch screen.

IOS really lacks some kind of program, and i would love to be able to work my noodlin experience from there!!

Hi op9,

Developing any program for a touchscreen requires a huge amount of work. I don’t believe it’s something we’ll be working on in the near future.

I just tried to use on a touch screen monitor, the workflow is broken because you cannot tap and drag cables. If this would be enabled, the app would be in a productive, usable state.

The next nice-to-have would be pinch zoom, it’s not necessary but it appears from my testing this would make a pleasurable experience

Would you consider integrating a library such as, open-sourcing, or allow a developer to privately submit a PR for this feature?

Hi there,
This is still in development stages and will be released in the future though we do not have definitive date yet.