Switching textures automatically

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I would like to switch textures, not with a help of a sidebar but automatically. I’m stucked in this state, I’ve tried to use the In OutInAnim op, not sure this is the right way to do this… can you help me what op would solve my problem? The idea would be switching the 2 pngs continuously and automatically, like the way a gif works.

the patch: https://cables.gl/p/609afd919b40ed249344b620

You can use a timer together with a Modulo and floor the result.
Hope that solves your problem.

Cheers dino

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Hi dino,

can you help me further (show me maybe) in what way should I use it in this patch, I am trying but it doesn’t work yet.

Thank you!

No Problem.
Here is a Copy of your Patch https://cables.gl/p/609d0df8cf42e2325d93752c
I commented the mechanism I used.

If you have further questions feel free to ask.

Cheers, dino


Perfect, I’m glad. Thank you very much!