SvgPathes examples

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to import an SVG file which has multiple objects, each one of these objects sits in a group.
I can easily import SVG as texture and render that on screen. But what I need is, to actually identify those groups inside the SVG file and apply some specific change to each one. For example I want to extrude each one of those groups with a random height. I was hoping SvgPathes can extract the groups for me. I couldn’t et that to work. Any suggestion how something like this scenario can be done in Cables?


Hi Mehran,

this kind of task is currently not possible in cables (yet).
We are experimenting with tesselation libraries and methods, but we are not there yet.

The way to do it currently would be, load your SVG in a 3d modeling tool, like blender.
Extrude them all to the same height there and export the scene.
In cables you could load that scene and use ScaleXYZ Op to scale them to different heights!

hope that helps!

Thanks @pandur, I will try with blender.