Suddenly hacky and slow framerate?

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I have experienced some frame rate problems and I need some help. I created different blobs for an audiovisual exhibition, and everything was fine. I coded my website integrated them etc. and it worked with no issue and smooth. But now they are so slow - on cables and on my experience… I literally screenrecorded a blob yesterday from the cables preview and it was so smooth. I am wondering if this is just because it is very heavy (3D visuals and sound) or because of something I do. See my patch for one of the blobs here: ( I cant make it public because it says choose a license but I cant? )
and here is my audiovisual exhibition, the first one loads, but when you click “explore” the blobs after do not - neither do they work on mobile (samsung chrome)?

I would super appreciate some help…


I seem to be able to solve the issue with embedding cables instead of running it on my server. But it still doesn’t work on mobile (i only tested Samsung Chrome) - would appreciate some tips :slight_smile:

the blur op can be slow when using in high resolutions and on older graphic cards.
maybe you only see the slowdown when running in fullscreen resolution ?

try removing, or try using the fastBlur Op.