Subpatches merge bool out ports

when i try to create an extra bool port for a subpatch, it merges the port with an existing bool port.
when i try to make a subpatch with 4 bool cables going out, it creates a subpatch with 3 bool outs and merge 3 and 4 to one out port.

and while at it, the whole input-output-port-management of subpatches with it automagic behaviour still feels counterintuitive. i need to go out of a subpatch in order to create a output port and then go back inside to make my connection. it would be much faster if we could add/remove ports via the inspector. right now, there is no way to get rid of ports. at least i couldn’t find a way.

maybe there is something cooking in the next release, i haven’t check, but right now i have a case where i can’t use a subpatch because cables doesn’t let me regarding the ports business.

tested in developer channel, same behaviour

i suspect some index bug of the bool port array, its always the last port merged. maybe this also causes the manual bool port creation resulting in merging

thanks fixed on dev now