Streaming Audio From MP3 - ANSWERED

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I am having trouble when trying to stream audio from an external link e.g:

Is this currently possible to do in cables?

If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be amazing.

Hi Kie,

Check this patch

This doesn’t work right now as your address needs to be https

Hey Andro,
Ahh I see, thank you very much for the response, I will look into changing this. I also am unable to view the link - i’m getting a 403 forbidden error.

My bad, patch is now public.

also, your mp3 is loaded via http, this will not work on a https site as if you are using this locally you might be able to disable browser security on start, otherwise you somehow need an SSL certificate for your webserver.

search for “letsencrypt” on google, but this also only works with domains, not ip-addresses. also i think you might to put stuff on port 443 instead of 8080.

For some reason its not working, i tried with an https example example mp3 i also tried with the media player example and nothing. Any advice?

OK this is resolved in a way, i just add a “CorsProxy” node and now its working. Now my problem its trying to read a firebase audio link example firebase


firebase appears to not allow access from other domains

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