SpotLight op keeps crashing when selected - SOLVED

The bug happens in any patch and can be seen in the SpotLight example patch:

If you try to select the SpotLight op in the patch. an error message of ‘Error. an operator has crashed’. and the patch stops working.

It works fine if you edit the crashed op, save the values , and refresh.

Hi Faris,

Unfortunately I cannot recreate this bug using MacOS Mojave & Chrome.

Which OS and browser are you using? Are you working with “Force WebGL 1” on?

hi simod. oh shoot yes. i had that enabled while trying to debug an issue i raised in another thread. my bad!

Just as a general info: Force WebGL1 does not work with visual helpers (like the arrow that is pointing to the PointAt in spotlight) or ColorArea (Sphere helper). We will add compatibility for that though with the next update!