Some subpatches don't work after publishing or edit view is different to the publish view

Hi! I am an artist who is new to cables and would like to transform my 2d animations to cables interface. I have made a preliminary trial and wanted to publish it to get some feedbacks. However, I realized in the publish view, effects of some subpatches don’t work and even with the same patch, the subpatches that don’t work can change in the publish view. Mainly some videotextures stop working, or the whole meshinstancer subpatch doesn’t work. I wonder what is the reason here? Is it related to my laptop’s capacity?

Here is the current publish view :

Here is the once ever worked publish view (I recorded it before it was gone). One rectangle with videotexture and one meshinstancer with videotexture are still shown.

I will be super grateful to get some tips here!

Thanks in advance!

browsers nowadays want a user interaction to start videos.
you have to start the videos using the playbutton op for example, or a custom html element, or just a click to the canvas.

(for me your patch works just fine, because the browser already learned that i want to play videos on… its strange and you can not really control that behaviour)

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Thanks! I thought if I set “autoplay” to the video texture, it would just start to play. I added play button and it works now :slight_smile:

I am really impressed by Cables and it helps someone like to explore 3D world. I will appreciate very much if this can be expanded to VR.

great to hear thanks!!