Some Patches Don’t Work in OBS - solved

I’m trying to use some of the PD patches in OBS’s Browser Source (which is a CEF plugin for OBS). Some of the patches work perfectly (such as Blue Marble by pandur), other’s don’t (like Untitled Sky II by 30000fps, or Motion Graphics by action); with those I only get a black screen (plus footer) (plus the Sidebar in Untitled Sky II).

OBS version is 25.0.8 on macOS 10.13.6. Patches are exported and loaded from the local disk in OBS.

Some hints on how to make those patches run in OBS would be appreciated. :slight_smile:



i just downloaded CEF sample application it runs “untitled sky II” fine (on mac)

from here:

does this work on windows too ? if not it would be interesting to be able to use devtools in it.

we found the solution in a debugging session

you have to launch OBS with --enable-gpu flag and it should work


Another very cool thing we found out was how to debug stuff running in OBS’s Browser source:

  • start obs with --remote-debugging-port=12345
  • point your browser to http://localhost:12345
  • debug away!
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