Simulation with circles

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Hi everyone! I’m fascinated by all the projects and possibilities, though I m totally new to Cables, just saw a demo how to create a basic stuff. I’m working on a school project and kinda need to pick a tool, so I was hoping if I briefly describe the use case - maybe someone could comment if it’s possible or not with Cables. I m totally willing to learn myself, but the least thing I want - is to invest time and realize that it doesn’t fit my assignment. Soooooo…

I need to create quite simple simulation with 2 groups of circles (like in the picture attached). The group on the right will have a fixed number of data points, say 100. The group on the left will be growing according to the time function, say every second N new circles would appear. That would also trigger changes in the group on the right: with every new batch of some circles will be re-colored, say from grey to red. The process ends when all circles on the right have changed the color. Visually it’s gonna be very similar to this visual
I wonder if I can do smth like that in Cables. :hugs:

Hi, I think you can, this patches, could be helpful: :fu:

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thanks a lot, will explore that!