Shader feedback cables cannot be saved or copied


I’ve been using feeback loops in shaders to do some computation on the GPU before rendering. This is possible in cables and works wonderfully until I need to save/load or copy/paste the ops at which point the the feedback connections are not retained.

Minimal example

The shader connections below can be created in cables without any warnings or errors that I’ve noticed.

However when I try to copy and paste the ops elsewhere or if I close (and save) the patch and come back to it later, I get no feedback cables. The patch can be seen here.

More deets

I originally had more images and explained how I was actually using this but when I tried submitting I was told I couldn’t have more than one image. Therefore, I moved the bug report to a github readme so you can read the rest there if you wish. I imagine the current post is enough to address the problem though.


Hi Itbarnes,
First off thank you for the very detailed bug report!
This will help us figure out whats going on and hopefully fix the problem asap.

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Hey Andro! Any chance somebody has had some time to look into this? Thanks!