Setting Ops values without causing an output

Maybe I have missed some fundamental cables thing, but
is it possible to change the value of on Op via its inputs, WITHOUT causing the op to output its
current values or state?

I think of the feature in Puredata and Max of “set” a message without causing the receiving object to output the value.
Happy about hints… thanks :slight_smile:

not sure what you are trying to achieve here? maybe a small example would help?

have you looked into variables? it vaguely sounds like you want variables :wink:

Sorry for the terrible description…
Here is a little example patch:

I need the most simple way to change an Ops value by sending it into one of its inputs, without the receiving op to instantly forwarding it’s state.


thanks for the example. there is no “intenal” way of doing this in cables, but in your case you might work with setting another variable when you are done by either triggering when you are “done” composing the string…or maybe delaying the setting of the variable?

something like this:

how you decide when you are “done” is still up to you though. maybe using TriggerLimiter or DelayedTrigger?

your solution actually looks fine, i think…

thanks for your answer! Then I go with one of these solutions to keep track of the order of what happens when :slight_smile:

DelayTrigger etc. is not an option in my case, because my use cases are conditional and can’t be solved by fixed durations.

there are also gate ops gateNumber/gateString etc

thanks for the info!
yes, will work with gates and trig ops now