Selecting a mesh/texture/material with mouseButton - SOLVED

Hi Cables community

I want to select a 3d object that fades in a div. I have the div fading in and out on left mouse click, but how do I constrain this clicking to the 3d object?

Thank you.

Hi HarryX,
Check out this patch

Hi @andro
I did learn some things from this patch in setting up my current project. I also looked at some other patches.
The patch that you are referencing has the hover behavior, and the mouse button on left click is supposed to do something, but is not. So I’m struggling to see the logic in action.

Any pointers will be welcomed.

Ok. Im getting closer. I will let you know if I don’t manage.

Hi @andro
Ok, I got it to work that when you click the texture, the div fades in. Now how do I get it fade out again? I think I want to select the div itself to triggerthe fade out, or when you click the texture again to fade it out. Do I use another mouse op, or do I use a second ElementFadeInOut op?

I tried playing around with permutations, but can’t get it to work. I’m sure there is more than 1 way to do this, so any suggestion will be helpful.


Hi HarryX,
I updated your patch. the trigger once was stopping you clicking multiple times.

Thanks @andro.
I think I have hang of it now.