Seems like the new update broke the Soundcloud op

IME, any patch using the Soundcloud_v2 op fails to pull any actual info from the Soundcloud API, rendering any patch that relies on them non-operational ATM.

Wish I could help out a bit more with this, but I’m unfamiliar with the Soundcloud API, and working with this AJAX/web-request sort of deal, even if the code does look fairly simple to scan over.


soundclound changed their API and it broke the op:

we are on this and would have loved to update the op to work with the new API in the last release, but it seems soundcloud doesnt like how we are using their API anymore. here is us and several other people having the same problem, if you want to follow the discussion:

we will try to do our best to make this work again “ASAP”, but we need soundcloud to cooperate, or at least communicate there…sorry…


we implemented the workaround mentioned in the github issue and this seems to work. new op is available on for you to test, there should be nothing you have to do. if you run into issues, please let us know. preferably through the issue tracker at

aah, ok that makes sense then. i had a feeling it was something API related/on soundcloud’s side somehow. neat that you all managed to hop on that so quickly as well, so thanks for that. i might end up looking into the code as well just for studies’ sake, who knows. it seems like interesting stuff (and also a headache to deal with as well lol).

this just made it’s way to in a hotfix