Safari and mobile(ios) behaving a little different

Hey guys, I’m having trouble getting this comp to work on safari/mobile (ios) and wondering if there’s a particular op thats causing the problem. in chrome it’s working fine for me, the dotted lines show up and it’s reacting to sound, in safari/mobile i just get black (with a circle) but at least the tracks playing now. any suggestions?

I’ve noticed something. It seems that on mobile (iphone 7 - safari)
When I use the AudioPlayer op I get no sound, but when I use the AudioBufferPlayer with the AudioBuffer op I do get sound. That said, it’s very crackly. I can’t use it. Anyone else having similar trouble?

Hi there,
For these kind of issues you’ll need to post a stripped down patch highlighting the problem.
There are far too many variables for us to know what it could be based upon a screenshot.

Here you go @andro :slight_smile:

I’m still finding the AudioPlayer op isn’t working for me in safari on iphone 7 and iphone 11 (the only ones I can test). As I mentioned earlier the buffer player is working, but the sound isn’t clear. Not really sure why this is? Maybe it’s because my original comp is heavy and the way the buffer works I don’t know?

I’m trying to make a visualiser for this Friday but without sound I just get black. Hopefully I’m missing something but not sure if it could be a bug? I hope this stripped down versions a little clearer, thanks for all your help.


So I’ve figured out where the crackling is coming from in my main comp. I think it’s to do with the microphone. It doesn’t seem to stop listening and thats giving me the ‘crackle’. I think it was just more apparent on my mobile speakers.

Is there a way to get the the microphone to stop listening?

Hi there,
Just use the gain op to reduce the volume to 0.