Reset wordpress settings?

there seems to be a phantom integration that i’d like to get rid of. I’ve removed the plugin directory and reinstalled the plugin, and when reinstalled it already had my API key and integrations loaded. where could i find where these settings are stored so they can be cleared out?

there seems to be a problem with newer wordpress versions, can you provide a screenshot of your “menu” on the left? there should be three options and the third page should have a “logout” button on it’s page that then would (at least) delete your apikey. deleting integrations is a known issue now…have to find time to fix this.

thanks for the feedback. here’s the screenshot:

yeah, try to press that logout button, i think that does most of what you want

after logging back in the wonky integration (and the other working one i had at the time of logout) was still there, which i think might be messing up other functionality…

do you have access to the server itself or at least the database? patches are being downloaded into the public/patches subfolder of the plugin. all the settings are stored as usersettings in the “cables_backend” variable in the, i think, “wp_usermeta” table…

the variable is in the wp_options table

clearing it out worked, which has me back to a more basic question.
to fix, i just ran this on the variable:

UPDATE wordpress.wp_optionsSEToption_value = '' WHERE (option_id = '154');

here’s the more basic question though: am i understanding this right? wouldn’t these settings allow me to paste “[cables_patch id=‘5ecd84b76c6a4a55f3a362c4’]” into the text body of a page or blog post, and then cables should show up? i can somewhat get it to work if i set it to “Background” and “Everywhere”, and it seems like this would be the right approach to have it selectively show up:

maybe has to do with which wordpress theme is selected? any tips on picking one that is compatible, what to look out for? mostly would like to use this to have blog posts themselves, or pages be the content, not the whole site or background, which does work on blog posts if i set the integration to “background” and “everywhere”

that would be a “advanced” integration, then you should be able to put shortcodes to the page (as displayed in the above screenshot) in your blogposts wherever you see fit

sorry to bug you about this if it should be obvious…
are you saying that with the settings i have in place now, i should be able to put the shortcodes in? (assuming i have a compatible theme). if it’s this I’ll mess around a bunch with my themes or other stuff and get it working.
are there other steps i’d need to do to enable an advanced integration and then use the shortcodes? i tried looking around here and readme files on github and couldn’t quite tell.