Request (video tutorial) - "best practice" for instancing

I would love to have an thorough walkthrough and “best practice” for instancing.In a way, a continuation to the “Transform Vertex Operator tutorial (GPU vs CPU based animation)”.

Some things that could be useful:

  • Which ops are slow or fast with few/many instances

  • Different tricks for coloring instances (like f.ex. in the beautiful New Year 2022 patch)

  • Tricks for using multiple shaders and/or bitmap textures on flat cards. (Maybe examples could be the classics like clouds/fire/smoke?)

  • Tricks for using sprite sheets with different animation speed/start frame

  • Tricks for using lottie animations(maybe?)

  • Best practice when using gltf files

  • Best practice when using animated gltf files (again, having different animation speed/start frame)

Some of these can be answered by looking through some of the public patches, but it might be a good idea to have a singular topic video that will give the community an understanding of WHY certain patches are solved in a specific way.

If need, I would love to talk further about the subject :slight_smile:

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