Repeat/ random seeding bug? - KIND OF SOLVED

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Using repeat indices for random seeds provides strange results. Here’s two examples:

Not really a bug I think, I updated your patch and added some comments to get the results you expected.

Thanks! So how would you achieve what random animation does within a repeat loop?

Well if you drop the pause duration which can be simulated with other ops, I’d just use meshinstancer and move it all to the GPU :wink:
I updated your patch again. Please save it as a new patch so this one can stay on the forum to help other people in the future.

Renamed setup.

Yeah, an instancer would have been a better fit here but on the original use case I had a texture I wanted to distort and superimpose in multiple passes.
I can see generic loops being rather expensive though and I guess it’s making shortcuts behind the scene to not create/destroy everything between frames?